2. Accessing GEAR NBS (for Google Workspace)

Launching the app requires installation to be completed by Google Workspace (G Suite) Super Admin.

2-1. Install the app through Google Workspace Marketplace

Go to Google Workspace Marketplace and click + to install the app. Only the Google Workspace super admin can install this application. If there are multiple domains on Google Workspace, your primary domain's super admin has to install the app.

2-2. Select accessible user(s)

After installing, the install admin enter the web app url: https://app.getgear.io/

To assign accessible users to the application, click on 'Manage User'. Select the user(s) and then click on 'Save/Update' to apply changes. Only Admin can view and access Manage User console. To revoke user access, uncheck the box for that particular user.

Note: only the install admin can design a form to prompt users to fill out forms every time barcodes are scanned. For instructions on how to create a form, proceed with section 3: Setting Up Form.

2-3. The Admin and users can access from either a desktop or mobile device.

Launch the GEAR NBS application. You can access it in a few ways: on your desktop or as an app for your mobile device.

 Access from Mobile Device

  • If you have NBS 3.0 app, just launch NBS 3.0 on your smartphone.

  • If you have NBS 2.0 app - launch a mobile browser and enter the web app url: https://app.getgear.io/

    • If you have not installed NBS 2.0, go to Step 1

    • To create a shortcut: See the guide for iPhone or Android.

 Access from Desktop

  • Launch a chrome browser and enter the web app url: https://app.getgear.io/

    • The scanner must be connected to the computer.