3. Setting Up Form

A new form screen will appear if this is your first time filling out the form. Enter the name of the form and refrain from using spaces or special characters. When you create a form, the barcode and timestamp fields are automatically created for you as defaults.

3.1 Add Form Fields

You can add more fields by selecting drop-down and click [+ Add Field] button.  Select the field type you would like to use when designing your custom form. Make sure Field Title (renamed fields) doesn't have any special characters in it, otherwise they will cause errors with submitting.

  • Date: This field is for date from calendar.

  • Short Answer: This field is for a short title, such as product, item.

  • Paragraph: This field is for more detailed title.

  • Dropdown: This field is for a dropdown list. For example, title name “Location” and add options such as “Warehouse”, “Main Office”, “Parking Lot”, “Conference Room”. 

  • Checkboxes: Multiple Selection Checkboxes. 

  • Number Count: Users can click plus or minus to adjust the quantity. It is useful for volume of same barcode.

  • Radio Button: Radio buttons can designed to select options on the form.

  • GPS Coordinates: A field to record a scanned location. It will create two fields - Longitude and Longitude, and Google Maps link.

  • Secondary Barcode: When a user scans the second barcode, it will register in the same row on Google Sheet.

  • Hidden: A hidden field will not be displayed on the form but show on Google Sheet. 

  • Image: A field to upload or take a picture from mobile.

  • Stock: This field is designed to control stock In and Out quantity with the option to adjust. The Current Stock shows the total amount of products we have available, choose In Out has two options: in or out. If you want to give 3 items as an example for this barcode item, select 'In' on Choose In/Out and enter 3 under Quantity after submit. 

  • Current User: Current user's email is recorded upon form submit. It is useful if multiple Google Workspace users are using the app. 


3.2 Edit Field Options

For more field edit options, click the [+] on a field on your form. This will expand your options on the specific field you have selected.


  1. Rename: Renaming a field will update it on the Google sheet in the first row with that new name.

  2. Required Field: If this field is marked as required, the user must fill out that fieldtype in order to submit the form and any changes.

  3. Disable: "No" disables the field on a regular basis. "Yes" will disable it entirely and prevent any input from being accepted into the form.

  4. Delete: To delete a field, click the red delete button to remove the field type.

3.3 Preview Form


Once you have designed your form, it is a good idea to preview what the form would appear as when you have scanned a barcode via mobile. Select [Preview Form] for a pop-up view of your form. Preview mode also allows viewing drop-down menus and more.

3.4 Google Sheet Generation


Once you have clicked [Complete and Save] for your form, a notification that the Google Sheet has been created will be sent to you. The spreadsheet is automatically generated correlating with your text fields in the form.