GEAR NBS Spreadsheet

When the creator of a form clicks on the “Complete and Save” button, it automatically publishes the form which generates a NBS spreadsheet on Gmail account’s Google Drive.

Locating your Spreadsheet

To properly view the spreadsheet, make sure you are accessing it on the same Gmail account that was logged in to when designing the form.

Rename Sheet

To rename your GEAR NBS spreadsheet, simply click on the Google Spreadsheet title and rename the sheet to fit your purposes.

Sheet Tabs

The GEAR NBS Spreadsheet has asset tabs at the bottom.

  1. Barcode Scanner tab: [Your Form Name]
    Once you open up the spreadsheet, click on the "Form Name" tab at the bottom of it to view your textfield titles. Once users start scanning items and submit forms via mobile, information will be inputted automatically into Google Spreadsheet.

  2. History Tab: [Your Form Name History]
    With the "FORM NAME History" tab, you can see all scans histories. The record of scanned items is stored in this tab. On an initial scan, input a barcode number as "Insert". Once the same code has been rescanned by the system, it will be detected as an existing item and inputted to that row on subsequent as "update". This provides much more detailed tracking than what's provided in Barcode Scanner tabs.