Mobile Scanning

If you are using a USB type of Barcode Scanner, open the app on your desktop, click "Click here and scan an item with USB barcode scanner" tab and then scan to show the form. If you have a mobile device, open either our web or app version via that mobile browser. Check out section for more detailed instructions if needed!

1. Mobile App Scanner Installation for iPhone users and Android users.

Barcode Scanning

Launch the app (or enter in mobile browser) and login with your Google account on your mobile device. It is important to log out of all other accounts, in order to not have multiple accounts mixed up. When you open the app on your mobile device, press "Click here to scan" and start scanning barcodes.

Form Input via Mobile

To fill out the required fields, the user inputs the text in different formats. When they are finished inputting their information on Google Spreadsheet, they press "Submit Changes" to record it onto the apps database, which is your NBS google sheet.

Multiple Barcode Recognition

By having the secondary barcode function in the drop down menu of the form, users can find multiple barcodes within one row on the Google Sheet that records inventory.