More Mail Merge: Mail Merge with Google Sheets

Enhance your email marketing with More Mail Merge. Utilize Google Sheets to deliver tailored emails to your subscribers or potential customers. Input your contact details into Sheets, compose your message in Gmail, and dispatch it effortlessly. Stay updated on email delivery time, failed deliveries, and engagement metrics through a unified platform.


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Send 2K Emails Per Day

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Email Sent Status & Followups

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Pricing: $50

Our one-time fee includes onboarding support and configuration. If you have a coupon code for partial or full discount, you can enter it during checkout.
* This app is free to existing GEAR customers.


How can I get started with the app?

After you request through the online form, we will grant you access to the MMM Google Sheets. You can then copy the spreadsheet and refer to the 'Readme' tab in the document to follow the tutorial.

How many emails can I send per day?

You can send up to 2,000 emails per day. However, note that the daily email sending limit for MMM depends on the type of Gmail plan you have. To find out more about the sending limit for Gmail, please refer to Google's guide: 

How can I make a custom email template?

To create a custom email template in Gmail, compose a draft email with a title and content. You can attach files and design the body of the email. To personalize the email with variables like {{First name}}, enter "First name" in the first row of a column and add the names of your contacts in the subsequent rows.

Is it possible to track the email status, such as sent, opened, or bounced?

After sending the email, you can view the timestamp of when it was sent and its status (sent, opened or bounced).

Can I setup to send follow up emails with this app?

Yes, you can automate sending follow-up emails with the same email subject. For example, after the first email is sent, a second follow-up email can be sent in 7 days.