How to use the GEAR NBS with a portable barcode reader for smartphones.

If you have a wireless portable barcode reader or handheld scanner for your iPhone or Android, you still can use the app. Here's how:

Install the NBS 2.0 scan app on your smartphone before attempting to use the app with your wireless ios or android barcode scanner.

You can then launch the app using a mobile browser, such as safari on an iOS device or chrome on an Android device.

A laser scanner can be used with GEAR NBS on a desktop. Additionally, GEAR NBS' desktop mode can be utilized in this situation. To switch the mobile web app to desktop mode, visit the GEAR NBS App at and then switch to desktop mode.

On iOS device:

  • Launch Safari and go to GEAR NBS (

  • Tap the "aA" icon before the address bar.

  • Select "Request Desktop Website" from the menu.

Desktop mode on Safari Browser
Desktop mode on Safari Browser

On Android device:

  • Launch Chrome browser and go to GEAR NBS (

  • Right-click on the triple-dot menu at the top of the screen.

  • Select "Desktop site" from the menu.

Desktop mode on Chrome Browser
Desktop mode on Chrome Browser

On the main screen, you will notice that the scan button says "click here and scan with USB barcode scanner" instead of "click here to scan". Scan an item using your mounted wireless/bluetooth scanner. It will capture the item and display the entry form.

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