SheetQR: Bulk QR Code Generator with Google Sheets

Revolutionize your workflow with our free Sheet QR: Bulk QR Code Generator for Google Sheets! Say goodbye to time-consuming label creation and hello to streamlined productivity. Our generator allows for effortless QR code creation directly within your Google Sheets, with no hidden fees or limitations. And the best part? You can generate an unlimited number of codes within seconds. Try it today and experience the convenience for yourself!


QR Sheet Highlights

No Limitation

Create an infinite amount of QR codes in mere seconds.

No Expiration

Generate QR codes in bulk without concerns of expiration.

Work with GEAR NBS

Pair the GEAR NBS inventory app with our QR code generator! Print codes and affix them to assets, then use GEAR NBS to instantly record updates to your Google Sheet.

Make as Label

Resize QR codes easily by adjusting cells in Google Sheets. Print them on label sheets to manage inventory for any type of asset.

Pricing: $50 (one-time fee)

This is a one-time fee.
* This app is free to existing GEAR customers.