Asset Tracking Synced with Your Google Sheets

No-code, Mobile Barcoding Asset Tracking App Builder with Google Sheets 

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Gear App is a mobile tool for building barcode inventory apps that sync seamlessly with Google Sheets. In just minutes, you can craft a personalized inventory app and link it to your primary inventory spreadsheet, allowing you to monitor your stock in real-time. It's quick and precise. You can establish an app with asset management features, and the connected Google Sheet serves as your database, permitting you to effortlessly input asset information from any location, be it your warehouse or while you're on the move.


1/ You've got a list of stuff in Google Sheets 📋 (e.g., thousands of barcode numbers with item names and quantities).

2/ Download the GEAR APP on your phone 📲 and log in with your Gmail account.

3/ Create a form for your inventory project, and it'll set up a GEAR Spreadsheet for you .

4/ Copy your Google Sheets data and paste into the GEAR Spreadsheet. 

5/ Use the GEAR App on your phone 📲 to scan barcodes and confirm your items. All data on app synced with Google Sheets in real time.

Real time inventory with Google Sheets Sync


Record real-time inventory data in Google Sheets, with features like data graphing. Securely store asset data in the cloud.

Built-in Mobile Barcode Scanner


Manage inventory anywhere with GEAR mobile apps. Seamlessly switch between desktop and mobile.


Create customizable inventory templates, control complex inventories, and manage everything from one dashboard.

Fastest barcode scanner

Lightspeed Mobile Barcode Scanning

Capture barcode labels quickly, even those as small as 20mm, with our AI/ML-enabled scanner.

Fully Integrated with Google Sheets

Fully Integrated with Google Sheets

Use Google Sheets as your Inventory Database. Sync your Google Sheets with the App.

Inventory Control with Mobile

Inventory Control with Mobile

Use your mobile device as a barcode scanner. Login with Google account and scan the barcode on the go. 

Manage Multiple Projects

Manage Multiple Projects

Multiple projects can be managed. Ideal for multiple warehouses or different type of tasks. 

Inventory with Collaborators

Inventory with Collaborators

Invite your user to the project. Invited stakeholders can scan barcodes with their phone. 


Join thousands of businesses that trust GEAR to track, audit, and manage their inventory.

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