Google Sheets Based Simple Apps

Automatically send personalized emails with custom templates upon form submission. The potential use cases for this tool are limitless.

Effortlessly create QR code labels directly within your Google Sheets, with no hidden fees or limitations. Generate an unlimited number of codes within seconds.

Manage work contacts with GEAR Shared Contacts, connected to Google Sheets. Share via link for authorized access, with no contact limit. Site license available with setup, support and maintenance services for any organization.

Elevate your email marketing with More Mail Merge! Send targeted emails to your prospects or subscribers using Google Sheets. Simply enter your contacts in Sheets, draft your message in Gmail, and send. Keep track of sent timestamps, bounced emails, and open status all in one place.

The GEAR Company Directory is your go-to employee resource, showing contacts, org hierarchy, and connecting to Google Sheets. No user limits and setup support included.