Google Sheets


Please check the following. 

1. If you are using the web app: Do you have multiple accounts logged into your browser? If so, log out, delete cookie/caches, then re-log in. 

2. Does the form field title include a symbol? (For instance, ?, #, -,!) In this case, submission errors may occur. Delete the symbols via form editing. 

3. If there are invalid values in Google Sheet, it may not be synchronized properly.  For example, invalid data on a cell, such as double lines or blank space on non-item rows. 

4. If the name of the first row of sheet is not in line with a form field title., or if the order of the form field and the column order are mismatch. 

5. It could be due to internet connection. To find a solution to the problem or troubleshooting, there are two options. 

[v] Check the revision history of this sheet and delete any invalid data or revert to an earlier version if necessary. 

[v] Create an additional GEAR Form and see if the issue is reproducible. 

If the issue still persists despite the above, please back up your sheet by making a copy and contact our GEAR support at ask for 'reset' so you can start over.