Staff Directory with Google Sheets

The GEAR Company Directory, or employee directory for short, is your handy resource for finding anything about your employees. In the app you can see staff contacts and organization hierarchy trees as well as be connected with Google Sheets to manage those contacts more easily on the web or mobile device. To make it even better there are no limits on how many users have access to the app - a site license that works in any company! With startup setup and support services included this is one of our most popular apps.



Mobile & Web App

ZERO Coding

White Label



Staff Directory App Comparison

Pricing: $99 (one-time fee)

Our pricing is straight forward and simple. We don't charge you a monthly fee. No limit on user or contacts. We just have one time fees. Period.

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How can I use the app?

The GEAR web app and mobile app can be accessed by authorized users, either through a website link or installed on their devices.  Additionally, you can embed the application within a website such as Google Site, with the ability to restrict access only to authorized individuals.

How can I add/edit contacts in the app?

Administrators can setup accessible users who are able to view, edit and add or remove contacts. The entire contact list is also stored in Google Sheets for the user's convenience.

Can I change the design and logo on my app?

Yes, you can change the style and color of your company’s logo. Our team members are always available to assist during deployment or at any time for any inquiries.

Is the app a one-time fee, or are there additional charges or user fees?

We only charge a one time fee for our setup, which is also the application fee. There are no monthly fees. For more details about our service, please contact us!

How can I get started with the app?

You can just contact our sales, or click the 'Buy Now' button to purchase a license for your organization, and our service is included with setup. Our team of professionals will also provide you business applications such as Gear App without additional cost. To learn more about these services please contact us.